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Call to Volunteer

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

Theodore Roosevelt

Candidate Peter E. Perini, Sr.

My name is Peter Perini, and I'm a Hagerstown local, a father and husband, a small business owner: and I'm proud to announce that I'm running for Maryland State Delegate.

Hagerstown is where I grew up, playing little league baseball and swimming at Northwood Swim Club. It's where my parents raised my brothers and me and established a successful construction company. Hagerstown is where I married the love of my life, where we raised three beautiful kids, where I worked in healthcare and real estate development, and have given back significantly through volunteering and supporting causes and nonprofits that make a difference in our community.

And I also know that as much potential as this town has, we're also hurting. Hagerstown needs strong voices and solid support so that our city reaches its full potential.

We need a champion for working families.
We need a champion for education.
We need a champion for jobs and economic development.
We need a champion dedicated to community health and healthcare.

And I want to be that champion for you, by serving as your State Delegate for Hagerstown.

I've been active in this community for my entire life, and I know I can be of even greater service to this community, which is why I'm proud to be running for Maryland State Delegate.

So join me.

Please join me in conversations about how we can all come together to help Hagerstown reach its full potential. How we can build on our strengths, address our challenges and opportunities, and ultimately - how we can make Hagerstown an even stronger and better place - for everyone.

And along the way, I hope to earn your vote, for Peter Perini for Maryland State Delegate.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Working Hard For You